AUM Waives ACT/SAT Admission Testing Requirements


Auburn University at Montgomery has announced it will temporarily waive ACT and SAT testing requirements for students seeking admission for the upcoming summer and fall semesters.

AUM says its decision falls in line with other universities and colleges nationwide in response to the ACT national test date deadline being postponed from April 4 to June 13 and the National College Board’s May 2 SAT test date being cancelled.

“We are continually adapting to the circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Auburn University at Montgomery Chancellor Carl A. Stockton. “For Auburn University at Montgomery, this has meant modifying the ways we serve our current students and recognizing the hardship it places on those students seeking admission to our university. By waiving the ACT and SAT test requirements, we will ensure that every student has the opportunity to pursue their academic dreams without any further hardships.”

Domestic and international undergraduate students applying to AUM during the 2020-21 academic year will need to submit only a high school transcript and an AUM application, said Sameer Pande, associate vice provost for enrollment management and student affairs.

AUM is also temporarily waiving the admission application fee for undergraduate students to ease the application process, he said.

Students will still need to meet other AUM admission standards, including a minimum 2.3 grade point average (GPA) for new incoming high school students and a 2.0 GPA for transfer students. International students will still need to provide proof of English proficiency as well, Pande said.

The ACT/SAT waiver will not impact students’ financial aid as long as a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and normal supporting documents are submitted in a timely manner.

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