Coronavirus Pandemic Leading Americans to Drink More

The coronavirus pandemic has led to Americans buying more booze. Market research company Nielsen said U.S. alcohol sales were up 22% during the last week of March compared to the same time in 2019.

What are people buying? Within the spirits category, Nielsen says premixed, ready-to-drink cocktails and Tequila are seeing the largest sales growth compared to this time last year.

Restaurants are looking to capitalize on the higher demand for alcohol. California is one of several states allowing restaurants to sell cocktails if a customer orders food to go.

Black Market in Los Angeles is mixing martinis in a bucket and then bottling them to go. Black Market had to lay off 45 people because of the coronavirus shutdowns. Now they use just five employees for take-out orders.

Around the corner, trendy burger spot Tuning Fork is boarded up on the outside, but bagging up orders inside. They’re pouring pints of local craft beers in paper cups and sending them out the door.

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