What the Tech? App of the Day: Super Cook

How many times during this pandemic have you thought “I have got to get to the grocery store. We have nothing to eat”?

If you’re like most people though, your pantry and fridge has canned goods, spices, maybe some meat and pasta. But how do you figure out what you can do with all that?

The app and website Super Cook is the answer.

SuperCooks is a receipe app and website that includes over 350-thousand recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But check this out: Super Cook will give you recipes based solely on the ingredients you already have.

Here’s how it works. include any dairy you may have. eggs, butter, american cheese, maybe there’s a can of condensed milk in the back of the pantry. add vegetables, you have an onion, potato, broccoli from the freezer, a can of corn, some frozen vegetables. Add any fruits, baking and grains, spices. cinnamon, garlic powder, find a bottle of cumin, toss that in too.

There’s some ground beef in the freezer, and frozen chicken tenders. add condiments you have on hand, and that can of chicken broth that’s been sitting there for awhile.

Any other ingredients you might have. And Super Cook will search for recipes that call only for those ingredients.

With what I’ve chosen, there are 2040 recipes or meals I can fix without needing to make a risky run to the grocery store. The recipes are easy to follow and some even have step-by-step videos.

Super Cook is an app for Android and iPhones and there’s also a Supercook website, supercook.com on your phone or computer for the same information. Both are easy to use.

It’ll do two things. Save you a trip to the grocery store, and use up some of those things that have been taking up room in the pantry for months.

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