Medical Association of State of Alabama Hosts PPE Donation Day

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With a nationwide shortage of personal protection equipment for healthcare workers, The Medical Association of the State of Alabama is hosting a a PPE donation day  to try and fill local needs.

From 9am-3pm Monday, the organization is accepting donations at several sites across the state, including it’s Montgomery address: 19 S. Jackson St. 

The following items are being requested: N95 masks, surgical masks, isolation gowns, gloves (latex and latex free), face shields, sterile specimen collection swabs, commercial grade bleach wipes, alcohol wipes, and hand sanitizer (70% ethyl alcohol).

As the list of PPE needs for healthcare workers grows longer, it’s changed the way the CDC now recommends those on the front lines of the pandemic keep themselves protected.

“You’re hearing stories of people reusing those masks for multiple patients or trying to clean the masks in some way” explained Mark Jackson,  the  executive director of the medical association, “and that is not the preferred way to do it but it beats the alternative of having no mask”.

As many medical offices have closed their doors for non-emergency procedures,  they’re urged to donate unused supplies to colleagues in need.

For now, the  donation drive is one day event,  but if you have some supplies that can help, you can reach out to The  Medical Association of the State of Alabama directly at  (334) 954-2500. All of the donations collected Monday will be distributed locally.


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