Number of Positive COVID-19 Cases at Camden Nursing Home Continue to Rise

12341495 1068333849885462 3604485356104041945 NAs we reported earlier this month, Camden Nursing Facility, Inc has had residents and staff test positive to the COVID-19. As of Tuesday, April 14, there are thirteen staff members and four residents positive for COVID-19.

The residents are receiving appropriate medical care as directed by their physician. The staff members are on home quarantine and are receiving appropriate medical care if needed.

Camden Nursing Facility says they continues to monitor residents multiple times a day and are using all measures at their disposal to protect residents and staff.

They say they will continue to call sponsors bi-weekly that they have implemented to keep them informed of the current conditions here at Camden Nursing Facility, Inc.

They say all staff are screened as they enter the building before their shift and are using appropriate personal protective equipment and infection control protocols are in place.

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