Meeting Montgomery’s Healthcare Heroes

Thursday marks one month since Baptist Health opened its Coronavirus Care Clinic in Montgomery and later added a clinic in Prattville.  In that time, they’ve seen close to 2,000 patients and have confirmed more than 100 positive cases.

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Now we’re meeting the people working around the clock to keep our community safe.

“I don’t know what a hero is really supposed to feel like, but it’s encouraging to know that people think you play such a big role,” shared Nurse Practitioner Heather Bland.

“We couldn’t make it without our team members, teamwork is how we strive to work at Baptist Health,” explained Medical Assistant Sharon Harris.

Harris says the appointments at the clinic last around 15 minutes and the patients never leave their cars.  Not only is she providing medical support to people who may have COVID-19, but also emotional support.

Healthcare workers are putting their own health at risk everyday, but they’re also making sacrifices at home to keep their families safe.  Heather Bland hasn’t seen her kids in the month since the clinic first opened.  Since she could be exposed to the Coronavirus, they’re staying with their grandparents.

“You miss having your kids wake up chipper every morning and bounding down the stairs and giving you the big hug,” Bland shared.

A reminder, you must call these clinics ahead of time to set up an appointment.  The number is 334-747-0150.  In the first month they’ve already received more than 16,000 calls and performed more than 1,200 Coronavirus tests.

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