National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Kicks Off In Montgomery

Remembering victims of crimes across the state-

The Alabama District Attorney’s Association joined federal and state victim’s rights activists on Monday to kick of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

“It’s an important time for our state and for our nation to recognize and highlight the issues facing victims in our country,” Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said.

According to the United States Department of Justice, 42% of victims of serious crimes actually report it to agencies in the country.
Each year, law enforcement officials, advocacy groups and partner agencies set aside a week to honor all survivors of serious crimes.

WATCH LIVE: ADAA, AG Marshall and Victims’ Advocates Recognizing National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

Posted by Alabama News Network on Monday, April 20, 2020

“In this day and time, more than ever before, there is always a safe place and if they will report those crimes, maybe we can keep the next person from being a victim,” Shelby County District Attorney Jill Lee said.

The theme this year: Seek Justice/ Ensure Victims Rights/ Inspire Hope- which officials say celebrates the progress made by advocates and victims.
Darlene Biehl with the U.S. DOJ says she wants victims to know they have rights and resources available no matter the crime committed against them.

“Domestic violence, trafficking, child abuse, elder abuse, even a theft or burglary, these are often thought of as low level crimes but they’re so huge to that person,” Biehl said.

National Crime Victims Rights Week is usually filled with activities and events, but due to covid-19 health orders, many of those events have been canceled.
Still, officials say that shouldn’t take away from the message the week spreads.

“Our message is that the hotline is available, the victims service officers are ready to be able to provide the needs for victims and that are shelters remain open despite the difficult circumstances,” Marshall said.


The recognition week will end on Friday, April 25th.

On Friday, a virtual candlelight vigil honoring crime victims will held online…
The website to join the vigil will be released Tuesday.

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