Storm Cleanup Continues As Another Severe Weather Threat Looms Thursday

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While some are still cleaning up the damage left behind from Sunday night’s weather, another round of severe storms is possible Thursday.

“We’re hoping for the best, but you know, we’re preparing for the worst,” Pike County EMA Director Herb Reeves said.

The damage was still fresh Wednesday, and crews were still working in the aftermath. Reeves said the next wave of storms could hinder progress that has been made in the area.

“If we still have utilities out, it’s going to delay that. Because we’re not going to put our utility workers and other first responders in harms way. We could see a repeat of trees down and debris down, and basically the clean up efforts just start all over,” Reeves said.

Covington County EMA Director Susan Harris said the upcoming threat is no different than any other. She said everyone should already have a plan in place.

“We need them to know what’s going on with the weather, have different backups, NOAA weather radios, your phones, different apps. We have the outside warning sirens. We have just different ways that you can get that warning information,” Harris said.

An important step in preparing for your safety is to have a safe place in which to take cover.

“We need everyone to make sure they’re taking all precautions, to make sure their property is in as good shape as they can and then just be prepared for whatever may happen Thursday,” Harris said.

“Don’t wait until the last minute until you see it in an adjacent county and try to get to your safe space. Be prepared to get to your safe place as soon as possible,” Reeves said.

EMA officials also said its important to have a safe room, like a closet or hallway with no windows, located in the innermost part of your home. Also, have pillows or helmets available to protect your head from falling debris.

Reeves said officials will decide on if and when to open shelters once the risk of the storms is assessed.

There are several possible locations in Troy that serve as storm shelters including: The Troy Recreation Center, The Trojan Center on Troy University’s campus, and the Meeksville Storm Shelter in the Meeksville community.
Officials also want to remind people that if there is storm damage, it’s important for you to stay off the roads so that first responders and utility crews can work safely.

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