Inmate at Elba Community Based Facility Has Tested Positive for COVID-19

CoronavirusinalabamaThe Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) has confirmed today that an inmate at Elba Community Based Facility (Elba) in Elba, Alabama, has tested positive for COVID-19. This is the fourth confirmed and third active case of COVID-19 among the inmate population.

Following the results of the positive test, the inmate was relocated to Easterling Correctional Facility and placed in an isolation cell, where he will receive medical treatment.

After completing a consultation with the State Medical Director at Wexford Health Sources, ADOC’s contracted health services provider, the decision was made to quarantine inmates housed at Elba. Elba’s inmate population and staff will be monitored closely for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 to include taking and recording temperatures twice per day. Appropriate measures will be taken should an inmate become symptomatic in accordance with CDC guidelines for COVID-19.

Today, the ADOC accepted a community donation of 3,246 bars of antibacterial soap, 439 bottles of travel-size shampoo and conditioner, 71 tubes of toothpaste, 49 boxes of tissues, and seven bottles of hand sanitizer. The collection was coordinated by Alabamians for Fair Justice.

 As additional hygiene supplies are received, the ADOC will distribute them more broadly to inmates across our facilities.

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