“I just can’t do this.” Frustrated Parents Reconsider Home School

Ap 704149648463Frustration is mounting as more families across the U.S. enter their second or even third week of distance learning — and some overwhelmed parents say it will be their last.

Amid the barrage of learning apps, video meet-ups, and e-mailed assignments that pass as pandemic home school, some frustrated and exhausted parents are choosing to disconnect entirely for the rest of the academic year. Others are cramming all their children’s schoolwork into the weekend or taking days off work to help their kids with a week’s worth of assignments in one day.

The stress that stems from having to teach children at home is only compounded for families with multiple children in different grades, or when parents work long hours outside the home. In some cases, older siblings must-watch younger ones during the day, leaving no time for their own school work.

Parents are concerned their kids are falling behind, especially in lower-income families. In households where the parents earn less than $50,000 total annually, 72% are at least somewhat concerned about their child falling behind academically, compared with 56% of parents in high-income households, according to a late-March poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Many school districts are emphasizing to parents that the learning curve is steep, and some teachers try to avoid daily deadlines, instead allowing students to go at their own pace.

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