Montgomery Church Donating Supplies to Build COVID-19 Field Hospitals

More medical supplies are being shipped out from a Montgomery’s Dalraida Church of Christ to COVID-19 hot spots.

Last week, the church sent loads of personal protective equipment to Harlem Hospital in New York. Now, they are shipping supplies to make field hospitals in other hard-hit areas.

Hospital beds, bed linens, isolation gowns, cleaning supplies and more were loaded into up into two 53 foot semi-trailers Tuesday. FEMA will now determine where they’ll be gratefully unpacked.

Dalraida Church of Christ routinely sends medical supplies that have been donated from U.S. hospitals to aid other countries. Some of the supplies had been collecting in storage for months.

The materials that were once deemed surplus, are now in high demand. “We have nasal cannulas we have the tubing, we have respiratory treatments that are useful ” John Kachelman, a deacon at the church, listed. “We will have some masks and some face shields but these are very few because we’ve already sent out three or four shipments of these things” he explained.

The supplies have been collected from across the country, and other partnering churches are contributing too. “We’re sending things from here and Holly Springs Mississippi that will furnish a 70 bed field hospital”, Kachelman said.

While the church has already helped get supplies to hospitals in New York and Tennessee, it’s helping back home too. Monday the church donated thousands of pounds of bleach to nursing and veterans homes in Alabama.


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