Safety Tips for Do-It-Yourself Projects

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A safer-at-home order and springtime weather mean more people are heading to the hardware stores for those home project supplies.
But a local construction company president is urging caution before you tackle certain projects.

“More people are at home, weather is good, they’ve got some time on their hands, and they’re looking at some spring projects,” construction company president David Lisenby said.

Hardware stores are bringing in the cash. Some are reporting a 30-40% increase in income since the original stay at home order began.
People are spending money on yard equipment and tools, meaning projects they were putting off are now getting done.
Lisenby says your safety when using that equipment should take top priority.

“Power tools can be dangerous. Eye protection is important. Other safety equipment is important and someone who is not accustomed to using cutting tools on a regular basis needs to be extra careful in doing so,” Lisenby said.

Lisenby owns Lisenby Construction in Montgomery. He says his business is receiving more inquiries during the pandemic, with people asking a variety of questions about home improvement. He suggests time and cost are equally important for those home remodeling projects…

“It’s easy to just look at a project, and give a rough idea. Like surely it wouldn’t cost more than “x” dollars, and so you proceed with that thought in mind. And that “x” dollars really wasn’t based on anything,” Lisenby said.

Lisenby says don’t hesitate to reach out to someone with a credible license if you’re unsure of your next steps.

“The license really signifies that someone has some knowledge and experience in that trade and craft,” Lisenby said.

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