Pending Sale Impacting Whitewater Project Now On Hold

The financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis is now affecting Montgomery’s multi-million dollar whitewater project. The sale of the Salvation Army property to the City of Montgomery is now on hold.

Project Catalyst (Source: Montgomery County Commission)

We were first to report on the pending sale of the Salvation Army’s Maxwell Boulevard Buildings and property to the city of Montgomery for 6 million dollars.  The pending agreement states that the Salvation Army would in turn buy another building from the city and relocate, that sale would make way for the Whitewater facility.

Just this week the Montgomery Chamber projected millions of dollar in losses from the tourism industry.  Mayor Steven Reed says that loss of revenue impacts all city functions and decisions.

“Utilize some of those projections and forecasts to make decisions about what you’re going to do in economic development, but our first priority is to serve the citizens of Montgomery,” explained Mayor Reed.

“COVID hit and just the demand of COVID was so uncertain that it was just a wise move to put everything on hold,” shared Lt. Bryan Farrington with the Salvation Army of Montgomery.

The Montgomery County Community Cooperative District, the group managing the project, says while the sale is on hold, they are still on schedule for a Spring 2023 opening.  Chair Leslie Sanders says they have not set a groundbreaking date because of the Coronavirus.

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