Montgomery Delegation Votes Yes to Ad Valorem Tax

CORRECTION: This story was edited on 5/9/2020 to reflect the property tax increase would be 12 mils, as opposed to the previous reported 18.5 mils.

On Tuesday a House Committee made of the Montgomery delegation approved a bill that would increase property taxes for education in Montgomery County.

The Ad Valorem Tax Bill narrowly passed along party lines with a 4-3 vote, but this vote does not guarantee the bill will make it to the ballot in November.

Some members of the Montgomery delegation  believe that opposition to the bill , is based purely on the demographics of Montgomery Public Schools.

Click here to see one MPS board members plea about why the Ad Valorem tax is facing opposition.

Right now Montgomery County sits at the federal minimum for ad-valorem taxes. The proposed bill would increase the millage rate by 12 mils which equates to a $1.20 tax increase on every $100 of assessed property value.

“Individuals in our county who have amassed a significant portion of property are looking at who’s children perhaps, are not in Montgomery Public Schools,” says Rep. Kirk Hatcher (D) Montgomery.

The bill will go to the full house floor on Thursday unless it is contested bay an opposing member, which would effectively kill the bill for this session.

Representative Reed Ingram (R) Montgomery, says he does support more funding for MPS, but he says right now is not a good time because the school system is still under state intervention and so many people are unemployed right now.

If the bill passes through the House of Representatives, sponsors hope to have it on the ballot for the 2020 Presidential elections in November.



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