Tallassee City Schools, Baylor University to Bring Meals to Students in Need

The Tallassee city school system is working with Baylor University to bring meals directly to the homes of students in need through a program called Meals To You.

It’s estimated 60% of Tallassee students are eligible for free or reduced lunches. While the school system has offered curbside meal pickup, some students’ families can’t get to the location to receive the food.

Meals To You delivers shelf-safe meals directly to a student’s home.

“We have attempted to do our best to feed our kids during this pandemic,” Tallassee School Superintendent Wade Shipman told Alabama News Network. “You’re always trying to balance safety and social distancing issues. This program will fit a niche,” he said.

A student has to be eligible for free or reduced lunches to receive food from Meals To You. The deadline to register is Friday, May 8. The meals will arrive later this month.

For more information, call the Tallassee City Schools Child Nutrition Program at (334) 283-6864.

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