Troy University Nursing Grads Ready for Frontlines

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While the coronavirus is changing graduation schedules and everyday life, it’s not changing the desires of some Troy University nursing graduates entering the medical field.

Only days ago, the graduates taking their last college finals. Now, they’re working in hospitals in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think 90% of our class is, you know, staying in Alabama, so we’re all excited to be done,” graduate Alex Reynolds said.

The students are getting an inside look at the healthcare profession in the midst of a hardship.
They all say that front-seat vantage point is not changing their plans to become nurses.

“I don’t think the coronavirus in general scares us. We wanted to be in nursing to help others and so that includes all of the good and the bad in helping others,” graduate Madison Knox said.

The students will begin working with a temporary license while they study to pass their final hurdle: the NCLEX Licensure Exam. The student will take place in four to six weeks.

But for now, they’re facing real pressures.

“Wearing an N-95, a surgical mask, goggles, gloves, everything while trying to do compressions. I feel like I thought I was about to be the next patient,” graduate Mackenzi Johnson said.

“It’s tiring, you wouldn’t think putting on all of that equipment would be tiring. But you have to put it on before you go in the room, after, and you have to change every time you go before into a new patients room. And it takes a toll,” graduate Abigail West said.

Despite those pressures, the students are thankful to have jobs and ready to walk into their new future.

“It doesn’t matter the disease or what’s wrong with them, we are there to help,” graduate Meredyth McKinnon said.

Reynolds, McKinnon, West, and Johnson are working at Dothan’s Southeast Health. Knox is working in Montgomery’s Baptist South hospital.

Troy University’s nurse program pinning ceremony has been moved to July 23rd. That is the day before the University’s summer graduation.

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