Cloverdale Roof Collapse Raises Safety Concerns

A vacant building in Montgomery’s Cloverdale neighborhood is now raising safety concerns, prompting city leaders to take action.

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The building on Fairview Avenue, across from the Capri Theater has been empty since Café Louisa and Tomatinos relocated more than two years ago.  Just this week residents noticed that the roof had caved in.

District Seven City Councilman Clay McInnis says the city gave the property owner notice to make repairs several months ago.  He says the issue could end up in court.  People who live and work in this area say the property has been empty for far too long.

“This neighborhood is beautiful and very special, we don’t have many pockets like this left in the city and to see one just left to rot is really wrong,” explained Cloverdale resident Madison Faile.

“I will assure that the process is continuing and we got to do everything that we can to preserve the heartbeat of district 7,” shared City Councilman Clay McInnis.

Alabama News Network reached out to the property owner for information about any plans for the building, we have yet to hear back.

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