Hundreds Contribute to Help Disabled Senior Fire Victim in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A disabled Selma senior whose house was recently destroyed by fire — is now planning to rebuild her home and her life — thanks to the generosity of hundreds of people.

Seventy-seven year old Mary Johnson lost everything when her house burned down just over a week ago in Selma.

Wal Hoodhouse VoThe fire claimed her family momentos — her sense of security — as well as the life of her beloved dog.

Johnson didn’t have homeowners insurance.

So, her family set up a GoFund Me page on her behalf.

Her family posted the story we aired on Alabama News Network about Johnson — on social media.

Now, more than $22,000 dollars has been raised to help Johnson put her life back together.

“I just thank them. I wish I could hug all of them neck, I wish it was something that I could do to show them how much I really appreciate what they’ve done for me,” said Johnson.

Johnson plans to use the money — to tear down what’s left of her old house — and rebuild.

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