Alabama’s Top Medical Official Warns to Continue Social Distancing and Staying Home When Possible

It has been two months since Alabama recorded its first coronavirus case. Since then there have been more than 10,000 cases and at least 400 deaths.

State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris warns that if people do not continue to practice social distancing, stay home when possible, and adjust their way of life, the numbers will continue to grow.

“We could almost eliminate this whole outbreak in a few weeks if people were really truly able e to change their behavior,”says Harris.

Dr. Harris says he is not satisfied with the amount of testing that is being done in the state, he says ideally officials would like to see at least 2% of the population tested on a monthly basis.

“We probably have an absolute number of test being done everyday that looks adequate on paper, but to the average person out there in rural parts of our state, its still not available enough as we would like.”

Harris says that in two months, Alabama needs to see cases flattened and numbers declining, but it won’t happen if people don’t practice social distancing.

“The only way that we’re going to get there is boy people paying attention to social distancing rules. Life is going to look different for a while.”

Although stay at home orders have been lifted and most businesses are re-opening under certain health guidelines, Dr. Harris says the threat is still here.

“Just because things are open, doesn’t mean you should be out there putting yourself at risk, “says Harris.d

Harris says that until a vaccine is widely available, people should be prepared to continue social distancing, and stay home when possible.

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