Blountsville Man Charged with Murder in Dixons Mills Shooting

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Blountsville man is arrested for murder in Marengo County after a shooting in Dixons Mills.

Wal Marengomurder Fox PkgFifty-six year old James Startley is charged with murder in the shooting death of 33 year old Rayford Parker.

Chief Deputy Kenneth Collier says the shooting remains under investigation — and the details surrounding the shooting are limited.

“We do know Parker is from the Dixons Mills area and Mr. Startley was working in the Dixons Mills area putting out water lines,” said Collier.

The shooting happened Monday morning at the intersection of County Road 6 and Pineywoods Road.

Ruth DeWarren only lives a few feet away from the scene of the shooting. She nearly walked into a crime scene when she left home that morning.

“I was coming out my house going to my mailbox. So, I saw the tape cross my yard and I saw the polices and a crowd of peoples around,” said DeWarren.

“I asked a girl what happened and she said that ‘Wookie’ had got shot.”

DeWarren says the shooting has left a lot of people in the community — shocked and upset.

“The Dixons Mills is a small tight knit community. We don’t normally have a lot of incidents like this,” said Collier.

“So when a tragedy like this happens it impact the whole community,” said DeWarren.

Meanwhile Startley is now free on a $50,000 dollar bond.

Anyone with information about the shooting — call investigators at (334) 295-4208.

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