Caravan Honors Montgomery Police Officer Critically Injured In Crash

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s office lead was a special drive-by salute Wednesday to a Montgomery police officer critically injured in a 2017 car crash.

Wednesday, officer Carlos Taylor’s  family and friends lined up outside of his home, to watch as fellow officers paraded by in police cars, fire trucks and more to honor him during National Police Week.  Every siren, honk and wave, was a reminder that his family is not alone.

It’s been 3 years since Taylor’s life was changed forever. His traumatic brain injury means he can’t walk or talk, but his mother Angela Taylor says he’s still alert.  “He really enjoyed it” she said” because he was moving and anytime he’s moving he’s excited”


Taylor graduated from the Montgomery Police Academy in 2016.

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“I was there at Carlos’ graduation he was the class president” said District Attorney Darryl Bailey  “and this tragic event happened in his life and unfortunately his family is having to take care of him 24-7”.

As the parade wrapped up, officer Taylor’s family was presented with a truck load of needed items from personal hygiene to paper products for his every day care.


There’s still an effort to fill the family’s needs for a wheel chair accessible van.  “We can’t take him to the park, we can’t take him anywhere but to the doctor’s appointments and to therapy” his mother explained. Right now they’re relying on an ambulance to do that.

The non-profit Alabama Wounded Blue Inc, started a fund in Taylor’s honor at the end of last year. Organizers admit donations have been slow, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve raised about $2,300 through private donations so hopefully we can get a lot more from that” said David Sikes of Alabama Wounded Blue.

The Taylor family is forever grateful for the donations and assistance so far but his mother says that what’s mattered most, is knowing that Carlos’ sacrifice isn’t forgotten.  “They have been here since day one, and we really appreciate it, there’s no words can express how much” she said, continually thanking the Montgomery DA’s office, for their support.

If you’d like to support the efforts to purchase a wheel chair accessible van for officer Taylor, you can donate to Alabama Wounded Blue Inc. here. It is important to specify that you would like for your donation to go to Carlos Taylor’s fund. You can make a note of that before submitting your donation.

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