CrimeStoppers Warns of COVID-19 Door-to-Door Scam

According to Central Alabama CrimeStoppers, Montgomery police have received reports of people knocking on doors requesting donations due to hard times caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Crimestoppers says these people may pose as nurses or representatives of a company or a non-profit. If you decline to donate, the person may request to use your restroom. When you agree and they enter, the person steals money and/or property. 

Police say they recently arrested Mikayla Tolbert of Montgomery on theft of property charges after they say she stole more than $350 from a victim. 

Mikayla Tolbert

Mikayla Tolbert – Photo from Central Alabama CrimeStoppers

Police reports state that Tolbert requested money from the victim. After he refused, she requested to use his restroom.  According to police, once inside, Tolbert located his billfold, took money and left the residence. The victim found that his money was gone and called the police.

Police say they were able to apprehend Tolbert, and she confessed.

Police say Tolbert has six additional charges for similar offenses.

Investigators say if you have been victimized by Tolbert or any other person using similar tactics to call police so that you will have the opportunity to sign warrants.

You may also call CrimeStoppers at (334) 215-STOP.

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