MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Some surgeries cancelled amid COVID-9 + Hepatitis-C infections + Depression & Pregnancy

New research estimates more than 28-million elective surgeries worldwide will be cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The study in the British Journal of Surgery estimates more than 6-million orthopedic surgeries and more than 2-million cancer surgeries will be affected worldwide.

New CDC research finds a high prevalence of Hepatitis-C infections among emergency room patients who don’t know they have the virus. Expanded testing at emergency departments at four urban hospitals found a significant number of infections among those born after 1965 who were unaware of their status.

The CDC finds 20% of pregnant women are not being screened for depression by their health care providers, contrary to the agency’s guidelines. A smaller percentage of women were not asked about it during their postpartum healthcare visit either.