Air Travel Slightly Up From Record Lows in March at Montgomery Regional Airport

Montgomery Regional Airport is now offering a fraction of the flights than it did just a few months ago, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Air travel has been one of the hardest-hit industries in the early days of the pandemic and even now as some of the stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions have eased.

In an April 1st update, executive director Marshall Taggart said travel was down nearly 80% from March.

“Well just to give you an update now” he said Monday, “We have four flights going out of our airport, one to Atlanta, we have two to go to Charlotte, and we do anticipate that the (Washington) D.C. flight will be back on service on July 1st. The airport previously offered 12 daily flights.

When asked about the comparison between travelers from this time last year, Taggart said in April of 2019 an estimated  31,505 people traveled through MGM. “In April ’20 we were down to 1,798, that’s pretty much a 94% change” Taggart said.

In more encouraging news, Taggart says Mother’s Day travel showed some promise at the airport, with about 60% more car rentals. Air travel was slightly up, compared to the record lows in March, but still less than 10%. As some do plan to venture out for memorial day travel,  Taggart expects  another slight increase during the long weekend.

Still like airports nationwide,  holiday travel “far from normal, “Taggart explained  “So what you’ve seen is a small uptick probably at a snails pace to go up each month”.

In April, airport officials said they did not foresee any layoffs after making more than $2 million in budget cuts. Despite an economic slump, Taggart said MGM still does not anticipate any lay offs or furloughs after receiving $2.5 million in federal assistance.


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