Gov. Ivey Issues Executive Order on Federal CARES Act Funds

The final day of the 2020 Alabama legislative session ended with both budgets being signed and Governor Ivey issuing an executive order on the allocation of federal CARES Act money.

Some lawmakers felt left out, as the Governor issued her guidelines for the allocation of $1.8 Billion in Coronavirus relief funds.

“I thought it was inappropriate , but at the end of the day there are many things in the Governor’s amendment that were already in wishes that we had sent to the Governor,”said Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh (R) Anniston.

Senators made headlines earlier this month when a “wish list” for federal CARES Act funds was sent to the Governor’s office that included $200 Million dollars for a new state house.

Democratic Senators say they were excluded from from having input on that wish list, and now feel excluded from having any input at all.

“We were not aware of the fact that there had been a meeting of the leadership with the first list,” said Senate Minority Leader Bobby Singleton (D) Greensboro.

Both the senate and the house agreed to Governor Ivey’s executive order, but Senator Singleton says the minority leadership will ask the governor to at least include Democrats on the committee that will oversee the allocation of the funds.

“I give credit to the pro team for asking what we want, but asking what we want and to have a seat at the table are two different things,” said Singleton.


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