Gov. Ivey Signs General Fund, Education Trust Fund Budgets, Praises Legislature for Approving Her CARES Act Amendment

Bill Signings 05182020

Gov. Kay Ivey signs the General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets – Photo from the Governor’s Office

Gov. Kay Ivey has signed both the 2021 General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets. The budgets will be used starting Oct. 1, the beginning of the next fiscal year.

On this final day of the 2020 regular session of the Alabama Legislature, Ivey praised lawmakers in both the House and the Senate for approving her amendment to Senate Bill 161, which outlines how the state will use the $1.8 billion in federal coronavirus relief money.

She released this statement:

“I commend the Alabama Legislature for their cooperation by supporting my Executive Amendment to SB161. This friendly amendment ensures the CARES Act money will be immediately available to the people of Alabama and put to use under the intent of the U.S. Congress and President Trump.

“Our cities, counties and state, as well as places like our nursing homes, hospitals, schools and colleges have incurred many legitimate expenses because of COVID-19. I thank the members of the Alabama Legislature for supporting this amendment and for ensuring this money helps the people of Alabama who have been harmed by this disease. While no one could have predicted COVID-19, it is easy to conclude this pandemic has touched every aspect of our daily lives. I assure the people of Alabama that we will be with them at every step moving forward. Together, we will recover, and we will get Alabama back on her feet.”

Some in the Legislature had previously expressed their desire to designate $200 million of the coronavirus relief money to build a new Alabama State House for them to meet. Ivey had responded by saying that the federal money was supposed to only be spent on virus relief efforts.


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