Rebuild Alabama Funding Used to Repair Pike County Roads

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Pike County residents are beginning to see the effects of the state’s Rebuild Alabama gas tax increase.
Crews have begun the process of fixing damaged rural roads in the county.

“Some of these roads were so bad that, when you would travel on them, you would do damage to your vehicle. That’s how bad these roads had gotten,” Pike County Commission Chairman Robin Sullivan said.

Sullivan says many of the roads have been in need of repair for decades. Nearly sixty miles of Pike County roads will be fixed or resurfaced this year.

“We already had a priority list of the worst to the best, which all of them are pretty bad so. But we took that priority list that we already had and just used it to make a start,” Sullivan said.

Governor Kay Ivey’s Rebuild Alabama gas tax increase went into effect last September.
Some counties began to see some of the money produced from the tax increase in early 2020.

“It’s been a very long process. I’ve been commissioner since 2004. There’s been no funding and its been a continuous complaint, understandably. There’s just been no funding to fix it. And now we’re getting them fixed,” Sullivan said.

The commission’s plans include a 10-year maintenance plan and a 15-year repaving plan.

Sullivan says about 185 miles of roads over a 15 year period are set to be repaired.

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