Lowndes Co. Community Honors Frontline Healthcare Workers

Wal Haynevilleworkers Vo1From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Frontline healthcare workers in Lowndes County were honored for their service at a ceremony Thursday morning in Hayneville.

Organizers say healthcare workers in the county — put their lives on the line every day — while providing an invaluable service to the community.

For this reason, the ceremony was a way for the community — to say thank you.

Hayneville Mayor David Daniel says the event was an effort to clearly show healthcare workers — that their work and sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic — are appreciated.

“We had prayer with them. And we had speakers from the county, the speakers from the town of Hayneville. Churches came out to support them and let them know that we all love them,” said Daniel.Wal Haynevilleworkers Vo2

“I think this is a demonstration rather than an expression of words. It’s more an action thing, doing things to let them know that we appreciate them.”

Healthcare workers were also treated to lunch after the program.

The town of Hayneville and the Lowndes County Commission co-sponsored the event.

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