What the Tech? App of the Day: Zova

Along with not being able to get a haircut or your nails done, being unable to walk through the doors of a gym has been one of the biggest changes during the pandemic and quarantine.

Sure you can work out at home, but there’s something to be said about the importance of being around other people in fitness classes or just the weight room.

Many people are turning to fitness and workout apps for their smartphone but which one?

Fitness buffs are known to switch from workout app to workout app. Most fitness apps can get old after a few months regardless of the number of different workouts available. The smartphone app Zova recently moved to the top of the charts in the app store for several reasons.

Zova is very user friendly. It’s easy to search for workouts or fitness plans. You can choose from upper body, lower body, core and flexibility plans. Videos show an instructor giving an example of each exercise and guides you through the workouts which are usually less than 10 minutes long.

As most serious fitness enthusiasts know, it isn’t just the workouts getting you in shape, it’s a lifestyle and Zova has courses on weight loss and nutrition with day by day instructions to get started from scratch.

A fitness instructor records and releases three new workouts each week.

What really sets it apart is the companion app for the Apple Watch. It tracks steps taken, calories burned and heart rate as the workout plays on the phone. It pulls all of that information into the iPhone’s Health app. As you workout, you can stream your music from Apple or Spotify and see how you’re doing by glancing at your watch.

I did find the app seems to be geared more to women but men will find something for them too, especially if they’re looking for cardio, core and stretching exercises.

Zova is $60 a year which is more than some fitness apps, but less than others. There is a 7 day free trial. It isn’t available for Android devices.

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