Prattville Woman’s “Silent Protest” Signs Vandalized

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A Prattville woman says her first amendment right is being hindered after anti-Trump signs she put in her yard were vandalized Monday morning.
She shared her concerns Alabama News Network.

At first glance, Prattville resident Jon Lee Finnegan was confused when she saw a pile of cardboard on her front porch.

“I saw the cutout signs laying on my front porch. So I went ahead and went through the monitor and went through the different videos,” Finnegan said.

That’s when she discovered someone intentionally vandalized her  signs.

In video obtained by Alabama News Network, Finnegan’s porch camera captured the moment when an unidentified person walked up to her awning, waved to the camera, and began tearing apart her signs.

“Really? I mean that’s how I felt. I just couldn’t believe it and I go what harm is it doing? He has his opinion. I have my opinion so if he wants to do something that you know glorifies Trump- drive around in his truck or whatever he has-  that’s fine. But I just was very upset that he came onto my property and destroyed my property,” Finnegan said.

Finnegan filed a report.
The Prattville Police Department says it is searching for any information about the person seen in the video.

“This is my property and he had no right to do that. He may disagree. The old saying, ‘we can agree to disagree’. But you just don’t destroy someone’s property,” Finnegan said.

Finnegan will have the option to press charges, which she plans to do.
If you have any information, you’re asked to call the Prattville Police Department at 334-595-0208.

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