Tuskegee Sanitation Workers Protesting for Lack of Pay, Proper PPE Equipment

Tuskegee sanitation workers protested in front of city hall. The issues are: They say they’re concern about not receiving adequate central pay as a sanitation workers in other areas. They say they’re not getting the proper things that they need to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Tuskegee’s Mayor Tony Haygood, says city management has supplied their city workers with the proper protective things such gloves and masks. The mayor also says no one has communicated with he nor city management about the sanitation workers concerns, but says he and city management are open to meet with them about there concerns.

Mayor Haygood says he just found out about the protest after just returning to work Tuesday morning.

The sanitation workers say they will protest everyday from 6am until 2pm until their concerns are heard and met. The times they will be protesting is the shift they are supposed to work.

They also say trash was not collected by those 9 truck workers on Tuesday.

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