Campaign Trail Heats Up for Sessions, Tuberville Before July 14 U.S. Senate GOP Runoff

Sessions Tuberville

We are a little over a month until the state primary runoff elections. Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville have been busy preparing for the upcoming GOP Senate runoff.

“Well, it’s certainly using our social media and interviews like this and radio interviews and I’m doing conference calls,” Sessions told Alabama News Network.

We’ve been doing little small gatherings, we’re doing the six feet and all of those things as much as we possibly can,” Tuberville said.

Sessions recently challenged Tuberville to a debate, but so far, Tuberville is declining.

“We need to know what Tommy Tuberville believes in; what he’ll fight for; what he’ll die for. Will he stand up to me or will he not stand up to me? Will he stand up to Chuck Schumer or Bernie Sanders on the floor of the Senate,” Sessions said.

“There’s no reason, I mean, I’m out debating every day. I’m not going to debate just because he wants to get on television. I haven’t seen him but one time in six months. Get out and go around the state like I’m going out,” Tuberville said.

We also spoke with the candidates about a wide range of issues, including China and immigration.

“A lot of things going on, China and immigration. And the things that we need to change. And somebody that’s not afraid to vote, I’m going up to vote without special interest. I’m going to vote for the people of Alabama how they want me to vote,” Tuberville said.

“This country has to stand up to China. We resist their cheating and unfair trade practices. And we need to be reconfiguring our defense structure so that we’re more effective in countering the growing military power that they have,” Sessions said.

The state’s primary runoffs are set for July 14th.
The winner of the GOP primary runoff will face incumbent Democratic Senator Doug Jones in the November general election.

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