Marshall Issues Statement on Birmingham Confederate Monument


Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has issued a statement regarding the Confederate monument at Linn Park in downtown Birmingham.  A group attempted to take down the 115-year-old Confederate Soldiers and Sailors monument last night during a protest.

The monument is protected by a state law that was passed in 2017 in response to Confederate monuments being removed in other cities.

The city of Birmingham had responded to the law by putting up plywood around the lower portion of the monument as it fought the state in court for the power to take down the monument.

The protesters last night removed the plywood in their attempts to deface or topple the monument. While the monument was damaged, it is still standing.

Marshall said state law would be enforced.

Confederate Monuments

Confederate Monument at Linn Park in downtown Birmingham (AP File Photo/Jay Reeves)

“The Alabama Monuments Preservation Act provides a singular avenue for enforcement — the filing of a civil complaint in pursuit of a fine, which the Alabama Supreme Court has determined to be a one-time assessment of $25,000,” Marshall said in a statement.

The act authorizes no additional relief, he said.

“Should the City of Birmingham proceed with the removal of the monument in question, based upon multiple conversations I have had today, city leaders understand I will perform the duties assigned to me by the Act to pursue a new civil complaint against the city.

“In the aftermath of last night’s violent outbreak, I have offered the City of Birmingham the support and resources of my office to restore peace to the city,” he said.


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