Montgomery Co. Sheriff Derrick Cunningham Addresses Protests Across the U.S.

Thousands of people have been arrested, as protests continue around the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Many of the protests have turned violent and destructive..

Alabama News Network spoke with local law enforcement to get their reaction to what’s happening across the nation.

Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham says officers are trained to de-escalate civil unrest without using force and in a situation like this, some people just need to vent, and officers are subject to peoples’ frustrations.

“It’s not you, but you’re the first person they see in that uniform and that’s who they want to take it out on. The thing is, you can’t take it personal. You can’t take this job personal to a point where you blow up and you do something erratic,” he said to Alabama News Network.

Cunningham says that if people are organizing a protest, they should be sure that no one is there to vandalize and incite violence, and the organizer should maintain control at all times.

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