Wind Creek Prepares to Reopen Casino Doors

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Many entertainment venues are reopening their doors after months of closures from the coronavirus guidelines.
Wind Creek Hospitality gave Alabama News Network a look at some of the changes its made prior to reopening casinos and hotels next week.

“We’ve spent the last couple of months in great detail going through, working through the options, finding out what the CDC guidance was,” Chief Operating Officer Brent Pinkston said.

Pinkston says are some new measures in place to help keep customers safe from the spread of the virus. Temperature checks are required for all guests and employees before they’re allowed to walk in the doorway.
Masks are also required. Customers and gamblers are encouraged to bring their own masks.
Chief Marketing Officer Ken Rohman said reservations are not required, but he encourages them. If a reservation is not made, the customer may have a short wait before having the opportunity to play.

“Just like your favorite restaurant on Friday night, if you wanna make sure you get a table. If you want to make sure you get in and play… reservations will certainly be convenient for the folks who want to have those,” Rohman said.

“It’s more about doing it right than getting open. And so we wanted to make sure we did it in the appropriate time, which we thought would be best, and we were best prepared to service them and make sure they had a great and safer experience,” Pinkston said.

In the gaming rooms, floor markers are placed to encourage social distancing. Plexiglass dividers have also been installed between machines.

“We’ve also scattered games all over the building to help increase that distance. Guests that arrive in groups will be allowed to play in groups of two or four. But we’ll keep at least two games or an aisle in between those players’ group and the next group,” Rohman said.

Officials say the gaming floors will be closed four times a day for thorough cleanings.
For now, pools and other entertainment spaces will remain closed. The casinos have also changed procedures for those who smoke. Smoking will not be allowed inside the gaming floors for now.

“We have set up smoking areas that are designated out of public areas so guests that like to smoke will still have the opportunity to smoke. But they will be off the gaming floor,” Rohman said.

There are also procedures in place for buffets.

“It’s still all you can eat. The only difference is- I look at it as a plus- now you have don’t have to get up to get your food. Just sit down, check the box on the menu what you want, and they’ll bring as much as you’d like to your table for you,” General Manager Timothy Ramer said.

Wind Creek casinos will reopen to the public June 8th.

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