City of Prattville Leads Community Prayer Event at Prattville City Hall

Many in Prattville bowed their heads in prayer today, amid civil unrest across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

Hundreds spread across the lawn of city hall this morning, as nearly a dozen pastors took turns leading the group in prayer.

“I stand here today not to say how you should feel” said Prattville Mayor Bill Gillespie as he opened the community prayer event, “but to say I understand the anger, the frustration you feel that’s been expressed across the country because of the death of George Floyd.”


One by one, nine local pastors then took the podium. Each offering a different prayer of compassion, forgiveness, unity, peace, protection, trust, hope perseverance and love.

Police Chief Mark Thompson also took the podium, speaking out on the four Minneapolis police officers, recently charged in Floyd’s murder.  “I hurt” he said, after seeing the viral video of the last minutes of Floyd’s life. “They broke the oath that we take to serve and protect. They dishonored all that uphold that oath today”.

Parts of the downtown area were blocked off for about an hour as the community prayed.


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