Montgomery County Prepares for Changes in July 14 Runoffs

With the threats of the ongoing pandemic, Montgomery County election officials are left figuring out how to make sure polling places are safe for the July 14 runoffs.

That led Montgomery County Probate Judge J.C. Love III to request more money from the county commission and to plan for an election day that will look different.

The county commission approved an $86,000 increase for the Montgomery County Election Center. $56,000 will pay for the cost of updating ballots from the postponed March 31 runoffs.

$15,000 is for additional pay for poll workers, bumping their pay by $25 as an incentive for working during the pandemic.
$10,000 will go to personal protective equipment for poll workers and voters and $3,000 is for advertising the election date.

“For those that are coming to the polls, we want people to know that we want you to exercise your right to vote and we’re doing everything we can to put you in an environment that’s going to limit the transmission and exposure of this virus,” Judge Love told Alabama News Network.

Judge Love says 95% of the funding increase will be reimbursed by the state.

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