MPS Takes First Step in Requesting An End to State Intervention

It’s been three years since the state intervened in Montgomery Public Schools.  Since then, the school board and superintendent have all changed, and MPS leaders say they are ready for the intervention to be lifted.

Former State Superintendent Michael Sentance identified major issues in the school system in a letter to school leaders in January of 2017.  He also expressed his intent to intervene giving the state full control.   Much of his concern focused on the school system’s finances, but he also highlighted issues with student achievement, nutrition and transportation.

MPS Board President Clare Weil says a lot has changed since then.  For starters, she and the majority of the current school board were elected after the intervention got underway.  Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore was also not with MPS for the start of this process.

Just this week, the MPS Board sent current State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey a letter outlining the improvements they’ve made while under intervention.  Weil says two big steps were hiring a full-time chief financial school officer and regaining full accreditation.

State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey says he received the letter Wednesday evening and will be going through it soon.  The State Board of Education would then have to vote to remove MPS from intervention.

“We’ll take that, we’ll look through and see if the evidence supports that and then bring that to the board for a discussion,” Mackey explained.

Those discussions could begin as early as next month.  Mackey says MPS officials will also have the opportunity to take questions from state board members about the progress.

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