Montgomery City Council Rejects Face Mask Proposal

Montgomery County leads the state in the number of coronavirus cases. Despite that, Montgomery City Council has voted down a proposed ordinance involving face masks.

Several doctors and others had spoken at the council meeting in support of the idea, but it failed by a vote of 4 to 4.

Council member C.C. Calhoun had proposed requiring masks for public gatherings of 25 people or more. But some council members who were opposed say they were worried about how to enforce it.

“Montgomery is leading the way in COVID-19 cases and that is something that we don’t want to do,” Calhoun told Alabama News Network. “But what we are doing right now in this community is not working; so we want to do something from a legislative standpoint to try to encourage people to do what’s right.”

Calhoun and Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, who supported the proposal, say they will now consider other options.

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