Montgomery Police Align with #8CAN’TWAIT Initiative

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, and Police Chief Ernest Finley are giving more details into the departments move to implement #8CANTWAIT policies.

According to Chief Finley, MPD has been using most of the policies for some time now.

Finley says the only policy that had to be modified was the duty to intervene policy.

Before, only a supervisor could intervene to stop another officer fro using force, now the duty to intervene has been extended to all employees.

The #8CAN’TWAIT policies are as follows.

  • Require officers to intervene to stop another officer from using excessive force.
  • Prohibit the use of chokeholds.
  • Require officers to de-esculate situations when possible before using force.
  • Using a force continuum or matrix that defines and limits the types of force that can be used to respond to specific types of resistance.
  • Require officers to give a verbal warning before using deadly force.
  • Prohibit officers from shooting into moving vehicles.
  • Require officers to exhaust all other reasonable alternatives before resorting to using deadly force.
  • Require comprehensive reporting that includes both uses of force and threats of force.

For more information on the initiative, click here.

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