With Face Mask Order in Place, Mayor Steven Reed Lifts Coronavirus Curfew


Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed has announced that with his executive order on face masks now in place, the city curfew is being lifted, effective immediately.

The nightly 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew had been in effect since March 27.

In a statement released today, Mayor Reed said:

“Our goal from the outset of the pandemic has been to do everything within our power to reduce community transmission of the coronavirus disease. The curfew was implemented to prevent groups of people, who were not abiding by social distancing guidelines, from gathering in the evening and unknowingly spreading the virus.”

“We believe if everyone observes our requirement to wear a face covering while in public in groups of 10 or more people and follows the safety guidelines from Gov. Kay Ivey and The Alabama Department of Public Health we will accomplish our ultimate goal and limit the spread of COVID-19. After hearing from members of our City Council and the business community, we feel the time is right to lift the curfew. I appreciate the cooperation of Montgomery’s citizens and small business owners as well as the Montgomery Police Department throughout the duration of these protective measures.”

Mayor Reed continued, “If we work together as a community by taking these temporary steps, then we will slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. Anyone living and/or working in Montgomery – or even visiting from neighboring cities – now maintains ultimate control over this situation. Doing what we need to do now by wearing face coverings will alleviate the need for any additional restrictive measures, and lifting the curfew will allow our businesses who operate late hours to maintain their livelihood, pay their employees and provide their goods and services for the people of this community.”

For more information, visit www.mgmready.com or the City’s website www.montgomeryal.gov.

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