LEAD Academy Board Chair on First Year Challenges

LEAD Academy School Board Chair Charlotte Meadows says she would give the school a C+ grade for its first year open.


It has been an eventful first year for Montgomery’s first charter school, going through two principals in one year, now left looking for a third.  The school also faced similar challenges to other schools across Alabama because of the Coronavirus.  Even so, the school is at full capacity with around 450 students enrolled and a growing wait list.  Meadows says she is proud of how the staff has responded to the challenges and is pleased that 27 people have applied for the principal job.

“Quite a few of those seem to be very highly qualified to be a school leader of a school like this, we don’t have anyone with charter school experience but we don’t expect that in Alabama,”she explained.

Adam Hopper is now the interim school leader.  He’s applied for the principal position and has been with LEAD Academy since the beginning.  Meadows hopes to have the new principal in place by the start of school in August.

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