Montgomery United Transition Team Releases Final Report

The Montgomery United Transition team released its final report Thursday, outlining recommendations for the Reed administration.

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Here are the recommendations for Mayor Steven Reed:

-Create a cabinet level public health position.

-Elevate and fully staff the Office of Cultural Arts and Entertainment.

-Support increased local funding for Montgomery Public Schools.

-Re-bid the city’s transit contract.

-Improve police-community relations.

-Restructure the Office of Economic and Community Development.

“I think we look at where is the need most urgent, we have police-community relations,” explained Reed, “Chief Finley and I have been talking about that for months now, how do we improve that, that’s an ongoing conversation and we’re always looking for ways that we can improve in that area…public education we know that is a high need area.”

These recommendations came from the public meetings with the committees of the Montgomery United Transition Team.  Mayor Reed says they will serve as a blueprint for his administration.

To see the full report click here.

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