What the Tech? App of the Day: Whisk

Like you I have three or four recipe apps on my smartphone. There’s Big Oven, Kitchen Stories,
Tasty, Epicurious.

All great apps with thousands of recipes for meals, deserts and drinks.

You’ve probably saved a bunch of recipes in those apps, but when it comes time to make one of them, you may have to go searching through all of them, along with saved recipes in Pinterest, just to find it.

Those apps are terrific. “Whisk” isn’t one of them, but in a good way.

Whisk offers recipes but where it shines is organizing recipes from websites and apps into one space. Here’s how it works and why cooks need to have it on their phone.

You already know there are dozens, maybe hundreds of cooking and recipe apps. Most are equally good. Whisk isn’t one of those apps, it’s a combination of recipes and organization.

Here’s what I mean:

Say you’re browsing recipes within the Kitchen Stories app. I found a recipe for grilled prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe that sounds interesting. Rather than just pinning it to my ‘recipes” board and forget about it, I tap the share icon in Pinterest and choose the Whisk app from the options at the bottom of the screen.

Whisk saves that recipe and the list of ingredients you need to make it and adds those to a shopping list that you can share with someone who’s doing the grocery shopping. And it’s very simple to use.

Whisk also takes those ingredients and displays a health score with the amount of unsaturated fat, protein and carbs, so you know what you’re getting.

Whisk works cross platform between iPhones and Android devices. There’s even a Chrome extension for your desktop.

If you see a recipe on Pinterest or any other website just click the Whisk icon near the toolbar and it saves the recipe and adds the ingredients to the app.

There are millions of great recipes scattered across hundreds of apps and websites. Whisk pulls in your favorites and keeps them organized, making it a good addition to the smartphone home screen of anyone who cooks or bakes.

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