Elmore County Listed as “Very High Risk” for COVID-19

The Alabama Department of Public Health is now listing counties by risk level to COVID-19.  Elmore County is one recently listed as “very high risk,”  based on the number of new cases each day and which way that number is trending.

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Elmore Community Hospital has felt the impact of the increasing Coronavirus numbers in the county.   It is a rural hospital, meaning it is much smaller than other hospitals.  The hospital has treated around 100 positive COVID-19 patients, many from nursing homes.  The average length of stay for COVID-19 patients is 21 days.

“It isn’t just that two to three week period where you have fevers, and respiratory illness, there are problems in long term patients with their kidneys, their heart, their muscles,” explained Dr. Melissa Thompson with Elmore Community Hospital.

With this recent “very high risk,” designation we asked Elmore County Commission Chair Troy Stubbs if the county will consider a face mask mandate.

“We’ve had no discussions regarding mandating masks in Elmore County, we have municipalities in our county and they may be having those discussions amongst themselves,” he shared.

Stubbs says the county is trying to strike a balance between supporting the local economy and fighting COVID-19.

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