Family of Missing Dallas Co. Man Speaks Out As Search Continues

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The search to find a missing Dallas County man continues — while his family continues to hope for his safe return.

It’s now been one week since 57 year-old Willie Wallace, Jr. disappeared in Dallas County. Crews have been searching high — and low — but haven’t been able to find him. Stephanie Wallace is his sister.

“We think we’ve covered everywhere we know to cover even places he don’t usually go,” she said.

Wal Missingminter Fox MiniStephanie says her brother — June-Bug — was at home when she went to sleep after midnight Thursday morning — but when she woke up later that day — he was gone.

She says he regularly walks to the homes of other relatives who live in Minter — but when he didn’t come home at his usual time — she got worried and went out looking for him.

“It’s a few places that he just normally go everyday and I checked all of them and they hadn’t seen him.”

Stephanie says Wallace has never stayed away from home — like this before.

And although it’s been a week — she continues to hope and pray — that he returns home — safe and sound.

“I’m continuing to pray and believe that he’s alive — and that’s what I’m gonna do until I know different. A lot of people saying that they know he’s dead, but I don’t. Cause I won’t know until I see a body. And I’m just gone stay prayerful and believe that he is alive. And believe that he is coming home.”

Willie Wallace, Jr. is 5 feet 9 inches tall — with black hair and brown eyes — and weighs about a 152 pounds.

Anyone with information that could help authorities find him — call the Dallas Co. Sheriff’s Office at (334) 874-2530.

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