Heat, Humidity, Random Storms, and Independence

TODAY AND THE INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKEND: The overall pattern just does not change much through the weekend. The weather will remain hot and very humid today, Saturday, and Sunday. Expect a mix of sun and clouds, with temps in the low to perhaps mid 90s, and with such high humidity levels, heat index values will be in the 100°-105° degree range at times each day. Of course each day we will have to dodge showers and thunderstorms; these are possible anytime, but most of them will occur from about 1PM-9PM during the peak heating of the day. Rain chances these three days will be in the 60-70% range. Again, it’s summertime in Alabama and there is no way of knowing in advance exactly when and where rain and storms will form, you just have to watch radar trends each day.

Of course, all storms will produce intense rainfall, gusty winds and frequent lightning. Remember, WHEN THUNDER ROARS, GO INDOORS!!!, because summer storms can pack hundreds of dangerous ground strokes and actually lightning deaths peak around the 4th of July holiday every year with so many people enjoying the outdoors. Also, don’t be surprised to see a rogue severe thunderstorm warning pop up any given day across the Alabama landscape.

NEXT WEEK: No real reason to change the forecast next week. Hot, humid summer weather will persist with the daily round of “scattered, mostly afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms”. No way of knowing in advance exactly when and where the storms will form; highs will be in the upper 80s to lower 90s each day, which is right at seasonal values for early July.

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TROPICS: The Atlantic basin remains quiet this morning, and tropical storm formation is not expected through the weekend.

Stay cool, be safe, and make wise choices celebrating America’s birthday!!!

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