What the Tech? App of the Day: PhotoRoom

Photographers are increasingly using their smartphones to take professional photographs.

One of the main reasons for that is the almost endless supply of photo editing apps that used to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for a computer.

Many free apps have the ability to use filters but I went looking for an app that will remove the background of photos to make the primary subject stand out or be put in front of another background.

PhotoRoom is one of those apps with tools every photographer looks for. It removes anything distracting in the background to make the subject pop.

Take a picture with your phone, either with the PhotoRoom app or another photography app.

I took a picture of my friends in their coffee shop. There were things on the wall behind them I’d rather not show in a marketing photo. PhotoRoom uses artificial intelligence to determine the subject, in this case people and removes everything behind them.

You can then bring in a background and put it behind them. PhotoRoom offers lots of choices including scenes of cities, colors, textures. You can add your own image too.

Once that’s done, PhotoRoom instantly creates a new image you can save and share.

To promote their business, we’d like to keep their sign behind them. Within the app, I can color that in using a paint brush. Now the image includes the sign with a blurry background.

I can resize the image to make it fit how I like. PhotoRoom has options to make the image a profile photo, or a magazine cover.

The app is especially good for people selling things online. My wife has a purse she’s going to put up for sale on a website and Facebook marketplace.

I snapped a photo of the purse sitting on the bed. The floral print bedspread was too busy and distracting. Once I brought the photo into the PhotoRoom app, I used the tools and the paintbrush to remove anything that wasn’t a purse from the shot.

When I finished a couple of minutes later, it looked like the photo of the purse had been taken in a studio on a plain white background.

PhotoRoom is good for influencers who need to produce content, small businesses, and anyone who just likes to edit photos to make them stand out from the crowd.

PhotoRoom is for iPhones but an Android version is coming soon.

Options are limited in the free version. There’s a $9.50 per month subscription or yearly for $47.

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