Medical Breakthroughs: Covid & contact tracing + Kidney failure + Sleep schedules

Contact tracing is effective in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus, but the process needs to be fast. A new mathematical modeling study in the ‘Lancet Public Health’ finds more access to testing and getting the results back quickly are critical. Researchers also found using mobile apps can speed up the process of tracking down people who have been exposed, but if testing is delayed, it’s difficult to stop transmission of the virus.

People with kidney failure may be more likely to die prematurely if they are exposed to air pollution from wildfires. That’s according to a University of North Carolina study. Wildfires can produce high levels of fine particulate matter that can have many negative health effects.

New research shows too much or too little sleep is linked to increased death rates in people with diabetes. Researchers in China say adults should get between six to eight hours of sleep to lower death risk.

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