More Calls for Resignation of State Rep. Will Dismukes

There are more calls for the resignation of Republican State Representative Will Dismukes, after he posted on social media this weekend about attending a celebration for Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate General and early leader of the Ku Klux Klan.  The Alabama GOP released a statement condemning Dismukes’ actions Monday.

Republican State Senator Clyde Chambliss takes it a step further calling for Dismukes’ resignation.  In a statement, he said in part, “He does not represent my views or the views of the vast majority of people of District 88. The post is bad enough, the timing is even worse, but the real problem is that an elected official in 2020 would attend a celebration of the life of someone that led a group that terrorized and killed other human beings.”

The Young Republican Federation of Alabama has voted to censure Representative Dismukes and they’re also calling for his resignation.  In a statement they say in part “Representative Dismukes made it clear which side of history he wishes to side with. Not only is this display tone deaf and disrespectful, but it directly contradicts the values that our party should stand for.”

Alabama Democrats are also calling for Dismukes to resign.  In a statement they say in part quote, “The Alabama House Democratic Caucus believes Dismukes should be strongly, loudly, and clearly condemned by everyone of every political stripe across the state of Alabama, full stop. It is a sad fact that we had an elected official praising racist and terrorist groups like the Ku Klux Klan.”

Dismukes has not returned our requests for comment.

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